• Introduction
  • Environmental Planning and Studies
  • Environmental Facilities Design
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Computer Applications


Unitech Engineering Incorporation (Unitech) formed in November 1989 specializes in providing environmental engineering Service to government agencies and industrial clients.  Dr. Kuang mei Bob Lo as the president of Unitech.  Who has had over thirty years environmental engineering consulting experience in the United States in and Taiwan has been responsible in both directing and participating in a variety of pollution control projects  Since his return to Taiwan in 1985, Dr. Lo has been and a professor of environmental engineering in local universities, and once served as the Director of Environmental Protection Department of Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) from January 1987 to September 1989.  During his tenure in Taipower, he was responsible for the development and implementation of Taipower’s air, water and solid waste pollution control program.  The total investment for the program is over 1.5 billion U.S. dollar.  

Unitech under Dr. Lo’s direction provides a full range of services which include:

  • Analysis, study, planning, design and specifications preparation of air and water pollution control facilities.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for major development projects
  • Design, specification preparation, field management and supervision of power and energy facilities.
  • Environmental surrey, monitoring and Laboratory analyses.

Environmental Planning and Studies

Sound planning and comprehensive studies are the key to a successive engineering project. At Unitech we approach every project with several basic elements in mind, which include thorough understanding of the client requirements, frequent communication with our client and regulatory agencies, in-depth investigation of all relevant data, rigorous analysis of available options, and concise documentation of the results.

Some of the types of environmental planning and studies, we have been working on are:

─feasibility studies for hazardous waste
─Groundwater pollution investigation
─Mathematical modeling for dispersion of pollutants in air or stream environment
─Air pollution abatement planning
─Water pollution abatement planning
─Noise pollution abatement planning

Representative projects may include :

─The feasibility study for the storage, treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge from Taipower’s thermal power generation facilities including Hsieh Ho, Linkou, Tunghsiao, Hsinta, Talin and Nanpu Power Stations.
─Planning and study of Air Pollution Abatement System for an IPP using Orimalsion as fuel.
─Third Party Review of Eriviromental Site Assessment Study for ICI Kaohsiung Explosives Facilities.

Environmental Facilities Design

Unitech offers complete system design, specification preparation and inspection services for a wide variety of pollution control facilities. Our engineers not only have extensive practical experience but also follow closely to the procedures and guidelines on all aspects of project management which we have developed to better serve our clients.

The following services are provided for all pollution control design projects:

─Conceptual and detailed design

─Specifications preparation

─Construction administration

─Operation and maintenance manual preaparation

─Start-up and operational assistance

Some of examples of design projects experience include :

─Detailed design for noise control for five Taipower’s substations

─Wastewater treatment plant for National Dong Hwa University

─Hosipital waste incineration plant for National Cheng Kung University

─Hosipital waste incineration treatment center for six counties in central Taiwan

Environmental Impact Assessment

To conduct an Environmental Assessment Impact (EIA) for a proposed project requires systematic and inter disciplinary approach.

Unitech’s Multidisciplinary team always conduct the work with following principle in mind:

─Date collection – accurate and complete

─Impact analysis – scientific and quantative

─Mitigation Measures – practical and effective

─Overall assessment – systematic and unbiased

─Report preparation – thorough and concise

The projects for which the EIA was approved by the regulatorary agencies based on our effects include :

─Power plants

─Freeways and rapid transit systems

─Land development and golf courses

─Industrial plants

─Pollution control facilities

─High rise buildings


Environmental Monitoring

A wide range of types of data are be needed for concluding environmental project, Unitech working with EPA approved laboratories has provided environmental monitoring service for governmental agencies and industrial clients. The service provided include.

─Air quality, surface and groundwater quality, and soil analyses

─Ecological survey and data collection

─Transportation survey and analyses

─Noise measurement and monitoring

Some of types of environmental monitoring projects we have been working on include:

─Fine-year environmental monitoring for fire sections of freeway under construction

─Pre-construction, during-construction, and post-construction environmental monitoring for Taipower Nanpu power station

─During construction monitoring for several large land development projects

─Groundwater quality monitoring for landfill, and oil terminals

Computer Application

Unitech have developed and/or owned many computer models which could employed as a effective tool in carrying out our projects. Many of these advanced models were developed by others and recognized by Environmental Protection Agencies locally and abroad as the official models for pollution investigation. Our specialists have extensive experience in applying these models and are familiar with their limitations and effectiveness.

In our model liberary, there are many other models which were developed by Dr. Kuang-Mei Lo and our staff and also have been proved to be very useful in a Varity areas of applications. Our computer modeling capabilities have been successively demonstrated in the following area:

─Air pollution dispersion study

─Water pollution investigation in a stream or an estuary

─Water quality management and optimization

─Water distribution network and wastewater collection system analyses and design

─Solid waste collection, transportation and disposal analyses and optimization

─Water and wastewater treatment design and optimization

─Storm water Management

─Flood prediction Analysis

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